B!TONIC® – natural food supplements for every goal.

We see ourselves as a young, dynamic and health-conscious company from Austria that uses the latest scientific findings from nutritional research to offer innovative and individual dietary supplements for young and old. Current research results are not only converted into new products, but also discussed through direct communication with experts from the health sector and health-conscious consumers / patients.

Our goal is not just to sell food supplements, but to support consumers in pursuing a healthy lifestyle. In order to solve the individual challenges and questions of our customers at the highest scientific level, our (doctorate) nutritionists and pharmacists are on hand to advise. In addition, we reinvest our profits in the establishment of training centers for imparting knowledge in the field of nutrition and health in Romania and Moldova.

To support our training and consulting activities, we offer tailor-made product solutions based on the latest scientific findings. Tailor-made products have been developed for athletes, time-troubled workaholics, older people with increased nutritional needs or women going through menopause, among others, in order to optimally compensate for any deficiency symptoms caused by an unbalanced diet.

The composition of the products was chosen in such a way that the individual ingredients mutually promote each other’s effects or improve the absorption of the other active ingredients. The B! TONIC product range was developed in a study-oriented manner and contains only high-quality, natural micronutrients with the highest bioavailability.

Our company was founded in Austria and operates across Europe to convey a healthy lifestyle and well-being.

You can find more information about our products at: www.btonic.at